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perfected bodies client

William “BJ” Lascor.

William has been training with us over a year now. His consistency with our training sessions and commitment to his food logging has completely helped change his lifestyle. Down more than 10% in body fat and looking to build up his strength and athletic ability!

perfected bodies client

Lisa Stephens.

In 1 year, Lisa lost over 25lbs! She works incredibly hard with being a mother and getting through challenges in her life. Now, she works out daily and is one of the strongest female clients we’ve had and strongest mentally too!

perfected bodies client
perfected bodies client

Hale Baskin.

Hale has been dedicated to our training services for over 3 years! Her work schedule takes a lot of time away from her personal time but she has been consistent with her workouts and even books digital sessions with us when she goes out of town! She has lost body fat and put on lean muscle which has helped change her mentally and physically for the better!

perfected bodies client

Ashley Lascor.

Ashley hit her one year personal training anniversary in September 2020! 

She has lost over 20 lbs and continues to improve in her strength, stamina and overall weight loss!

perfected bodies client

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Traceydee Watkins.

Traceydee has been training with us for over 3 years.  In 2020 she stuck to her goals, picked up on her training consistency and is now down 40lbs! She’s a cancer survivor and a single mom and she’s proof that there is no excuse to getting to your goals.

perfected bodies client

Stacey Brown.

Stacey started training with us in August 2020. Our 5am training schedule keeps her committed to hitting the gym at least 5 days per week. Stacey has lost over 5% body fat in under 6 months!

perfected bodies client

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Megan Boudreaux.

She started with us in 2018 and built her strength up from only using 8lb DBs on her bench press to now using 25lb DBs! 

Lauren Howe.

She started with us in February 2021. She uses her personal training program to help with her barrel racing. She dropped 5 percent body fat in just 3 months!

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Latoya Russell.

She joined our training program in 2018 and saw results in just 12 weeks. After 6 months, she had lost over 6% body fat!

Claudia Guzman.

She has been using our program when needed since 2018. Her performance during her training sessions shows in how fast her results show.