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David Mata is a fitness  professional with a passion that began in high school. After years of personal development, David began his first training job in 2010; which quickly led to a general management position at a local gym in Denton.

In September 2016,  David’s dream became a reality. Perfected Bodies was created to provide flexible fitness services that meet individual needs. He began providing mobile, personalized training services while helping other personal  trainers develop their careers. Since then, our team has built a reputation as a mobile fitness training company now operating in Denton, Dallas, and Austin, Texas! Since 2016, we’ve proudly trained over 200 clients!


Rachael has been a Denton county resident all of her adult life. She is a wife of 20+ years and mother to 2 daughters. She has spent her life in and around athletics, running and the gym. Rachael has a degree in Social Work and after taking time off to be full time mom, blended  those ideas into personal training in 2018. She has a true passion for helping individuals find their way into a happier, healthier way of living.

perfected bodies personal trainer
perfected bodies personal trainer


My name is Ashlynn, I’m a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and have been working for Perfected Bodies since the Summer of 2019. I found my passion for helping people when I was 15 years old, struggling with my own health and weight issues. Since that time, I found that I enjoy helping people reach their goals and create life changing habits that last. My hobbies are playing hockey, riding horses, rock climbing, and creating healthy recipes. Of course my favorite hobby is working out, which I find time to do daily.


My name is Moy García, I’m 25 yrs old; I attended school here in Denton at the UNTs, where I studied Kinesiology and pre-Physical Therapy. On top of that I’ve been certified through both ISSA-CPT and have a NASM CSCS certifícate as well. I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 yrs, starting out at my hometown YMCA to training people out of my apartment gym. I’ve now been with Perfected Bodies for a little over a year and have seen clients really reach and surpass their initial goals! Outside of the gym, I have a 3 yr old Husky I treat as my child, I obsessively collect sneakers, and I’m currently working towards my end goal of becoming a Physical Therapist in the near future!

perfected bodies personal trainer
perfected bodies client

Gabriella Grigg

Hello, I am a bilingual fitness trainer and a Pro Bodybuilder. I have been fortunate to compete in three international Bodybuilding federations. I’m passionate about fitness and helping people reach their goals. I have 19 years of experience training a variety of athletes, mothers, and seniors. I’ve helped them with their exercise, nutrition and recovery from injuries. I’m excited to work with you and help you achieve your goals!

Lauren Garrett

Hi, my name is Lauren Garrett, I am a mother, full time entrepreneur and personal trainer. I found my passion for health and fitness years ago and completely believe in the lifestyle to not only help with your looks but most importantly the way you feel about yourself. I truly believe the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of health and fitness. My passion in life is to help people make big life changes to better themselves, to help them be that light when they walk into a room with confidence and feeling unstoppable. This is my passion and my dream job! Let’s get fit

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Written by the Voyage Dallas, owner David Mata discussed how he started his business, the challenges he’s faced, and his passions. This interview showcases David Mata’s entrepreneurial spirit and features several of our impressive clients and trainers.